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About us

The annual Nya Nya Experience Expo in Atlanta, Ga is one of the fastest growing fashion & beauty expos in the southeast. This year, the Expo will draw nearly 7000 attendees who gather for a day of music, entertainment and empowerment.

Now in it's 17th year, the Nya Nya Experience Expo has featured some of the biggest names in entertainment and the nation's most influential speakers. 

What is the Nya Nya Experience & Expo? A platform designed for the fashion & beauty industry. While focusing on primarily emerging creative minds. Creating a platform for these artists to network, brand their service and/or product, make sales and get educated at our continuing educational classes.

This year we have partnered with "Our Purple Hearts Foundation" which was founded in January 2011. They provide guidance, counseling, beauty services, self-motivation, and free clothing to women that were once victims of domestic violence. Our Purple Hearts Foundation thrives to empower self- motivation and monthly meetings with single mothers that were once victims teaching them the skill of self- confidence while simultaneously motivating them to go back into the workforce and/or continue their education. Our Purple Hearts Foundation builds awareness of domestic violence and educates our women about the signs & consequences of abusive relationships.    

If you are someone you know are in an abusive relationship. please reach out to them:







If you would like to make a donation to:

"Our Purple Hearts Foundation"

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