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Buy and sell your new or gently used items, handcrafted items on this platform. Make money from home.

                                                How it works?

Nya Nya Experience Marketplace is a simple and fun way to buy and sell fashion.


Ship with your own supplies or request a kit with everything you need.


Fill out the "sell your item" page, upload images and we will take care of  the rest.

                                              How do I get paid?

Once your customer receives your item, approves the item. Your funds will become available you can transfer to paypal, debit card or checking account. *Once transferred, it can be instant or up to 24 hours.

We charge 20% of each sale which is deducted before transfer of funds, you keep 80%. Any sale under $15.00 is a $2.00 flat rate fee. There is a $2..00 fee for any rejected deposits.

                                           How do returns work?

We process returns and pay for shipping, so you don't have to. When a buyer returns an item, it comes to us for evaluation and inspection. We cover the cost of return shipping and handling, plus offer exceptional customer service to your buyer. You get your item back safely and can re-list it on Nya Nya Experience Marketplace.

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