Safety Tips during the Covad-19 Pandemic

  • Slices of lemon and hot water (drink daily)

  • Take your vitamins

  • Get fruits & vegetables enriched in Vitamin C

  • Get plenty of rest 

  • Wash your hands (consistently)

  • If you go outside put on a mask before exiting your home

  • When you return home leave your clothes and shoes in the garage, laundry room etc.

  • Anything new you are bringing into your home, sanitize those items before entering your home

  • Daily cleaning around the home

  • Remain 6 ft away from others when you are out (social distancing)

  • When buying items try to limit the exchange of cash, use your card if you are able to control the payment process

  • Every time you touch items while out, use hand sanitizer

  • Keep your hands out of your face, eyes and mouth

  • Exercise

  • If you are using gloves, please change often

*Please Note: this list update daily*

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